The Devil Dancing Prada (02:42)

The Devil Dancing Prada is an experimental piece of music which was created in collaboration with music producer Cay Haag. The piece is a composition of sounds made of the destruction of a radio and collaged text passages of various song lyrics ranging from pop songs to heavy metal. The music video was produced and realized by Tilo Hauke & Jan Malte Enning.

Der Mensch ist unzufrieden. (15:27) (OV)

Der Mensch ist unzufrieden. was created as part of an artist residence in Bochum. For one week, passers-by could join me at fixed times at a table with two chairs for having a talk. Every two minutes a fixed camera took a photo and a dictation machine on the table recorded the sound.

Mustafa Marley (01:04)

Mustafa Marley was created in collaboration with Annika Hauke. This video turnes visual habits upside down by the anarchically using of slapstick. It shows a fantastic, humorous talent and the passion for staging everyday life.